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We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are staying

safe and healthy during this pandemic.


As you know, the economy has slowed to a trickle and people

across the globe are struggling to meet their financial

expectations, musicians included.


In an effort to provide relief to students and musicians alike, we are forming a donation-based scholarship fund called Shag Horns Band Camp.  Building this fund will enable us to continue teaching motivated students online who otherwise cannot afford the luxury of private music education. The exchange of knowledge provides enrichment in the student and teachers’ lives and a therapeutic distraction from the current events. We hold the responsibility of managing your donations very highly, and for this reason we are collaborating with Be Unique New York, a music education non-profit with 501c3 status. Every contribution you make is tax-deductible


This scholarship fund will be created with the goal to grow and support the greater musical community should the funding permit. We hope to award lesson packages to students who’s teachers perform actively in the brass band community in order to support our immediate network.


In order to give back to You, our wonderful supporters, we will showcase our students’ progress and musical talents through collaborative video projects and recordings from lessons. These videos will be posted to our Instagram and Youtube channels. And yes, if you were wondering, we Do take requests. But No we still won’t play Freebird.


Thank you so much for considering to invest in the gift of music education.


Team Shag

shag band camp.png

Artwork by Joanna Sternberg

Shag Horns Band Camp
Induction Form

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- Who are 2 of your favorite musicians or bands, and why do they inspire you?


- Why is music important in your life?

- What is your favorite TV show/movie?

How much can you afford per lesson?

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