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Collaboration is the catalyst for musical evolution

...and we're hungry growing musical boys

The Aldous Collins Band goes unsurpassed in pure energetic stage presence. Aldous is a born showman and gravelly rock singer through and through, and he surrounds himself with great musicians he calls family. Every show turns into a firework display, whether we start on a simmer or the crowd is already boiling. I'm proud to have played countless shows with this original multi-genre party band, and brought many horn friends through this gig.

The Alchemystics are a reggae hip-hop Force to be reckoned with. They draw huge crowds from western mass, reaching well into CT and VT. You may see them frequently headlining at festivals such as Wormtown and Strangecreek. Following the passing of their drummer and coleader, Demse Zullo, they've held strong recording a tribute album and continuing to blaze a trail for others to follow. We've recorded on their past two albums and played their larger shows in Summer 2016.

Decora blends visions of word, rhythm, and an aesthetic which bears his unique signature on everything he creates. On his large scale almost fantasy productions, it is evident his music is only a fraction of his imagination. We have recorded on both his albums, "Bread and Oats" and his brand new release "Beyond Belief" which he performed at Lincoln Center, NYC. This music video features the sounds of Kai's horn over a modern speakeasy vibe.

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